November 14, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thunder Lakes Classroom/Range
2160 W 175 N Angola
IN 46703

This class is a USCCA Certified Course that will prepare students for conceal carry and self-defense.  Topics covered throughout this course are designed to educate students on safe gun ownership, how to properly and legally protect themselves and how to prepare mentally should you find yourself in a self-defense situation in your home or in public.

This class will show you why conflict avoidance and being situationally aware is so important along with how to define and development a personal protection plan. You should also expect to leave the course with a greater knowledge of concealment, trigger control and the differences between reasonable force and deadly force as well as how to prepare for both types of situations and how to deal with the aftermath of both types of situation both legally and personally.

Lastly, this course will help students learn how to properly evaluate their home’s security and how to defend themselves and their loved ones within their home.

In addition to the classroom work there will be range time included.


1. Call: (260) 665-8133
2. Pay: A 50% deposit will reserve your spot. You can do this over the phone via credit card, or by stopping in to see us.

NOTE: All shooters will need to have an up-to-date and paid annual WAIVER.

Course Instructor: Chris Pongratz

Instructor Training History & Experience:
Weapons Specialist (U.S.C.G.)
Basic Instructor School (U.S.C.G.)
Certified Firearms Instructor (U.S.C.G.)
Instructor Development (I.L.E.A.)
Certified Firearms Instructor (I.L.E.A.)
Certified Concealed Carry and Home Defense Instructor (USCCA)
Certified Women’s Handgun and Self Defense Instructor (USCCA)
Certified Range Safety Officer (USCCA)
Legal Elements of Self Defense (Law of Self Defense)

Instructor Teaching Experience:
Thousands of U.S. Coast Guard members Active and Reserve Units
Hundreds of Police Officers
Firefighters and EMT’s
Civilian Private Classes

Instructor Professional Accomplishments:
Unit Commendation and Humanitarian Service Medals for Hurricane Andrew
Police SWAT TEAM Leader
Certified Firefighter and EMT