On site we have a fully stocked sports store, bringing you the best in firearms, hunting, archery, and fishing supplies.

Firearms and Shooting Supplies

Our store has a wide range of firearms, with brands such as Sig Sauer, Glock, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Taurus, Rock Island, Henry, Ruger, Mossberg and many others.  Our ammunition includes range ammo, self defense and hunting rounds. We carry a variety of accessories ranging from holsters to AR parts.

Hunting Firearms and Supplies

Thunder Lakes is the source for your hunting needs. We carry Remington, Mossberg, Savage and more. We have youth models available as well. Our hunting supplies include scent lures, cover scents, drags and calls.

Bows and Archery Supplies

Thunder Lakes is proud to offer Steuben County a complete archery pro shop! We carry bows and accessories, as well as bow-fishing supplies. We carry Obsession Bows, Elite Archery, Mission Archery, and we are excited to announce we are now your local supplier of Mathews Bows.  We have a wide selection of equipment and accessories such as Gold Tip Arrows, HHA Sights, Viper Sights, Bee Stinger Stabilizers, Vapor Trail String and Rests, Trophy Taker Rests, Scott Releases, Tru Ball Releases and more.  We also have broadheads by: Rage, Flying Arrow, Slick Trick, Swacker, Magnus and more!

Bow Tech Services

Our Bow Tech, Micah Mckinley, has over a decade of professional bow experience, so he’s here to answer any questions as well as tune up your equipment before the hunting season.

Customized Just for You

Stop in and see us today to learn about the opportunity to customize your new bow and arrows!

Fishing Supplies

Whether it be for bluegill, crappie, walleye or bass, we can recommend and outfit you for your day on the lake. We carry national tackle brands and are also proud to support our local brands. Our local brands include B&N Custom Lures, Lochness Lures and more. We even have our own Thunder Lakes custom plastics that you’re going to love. Our national brands include Dobyns, Falcon, Shakespeare, Lew’s, McCain and Shimano just to name a few.


We carry live bait inside with a nice selection to fit your needs.


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