Utah Concealed Carry License – October 3rd @ Thunder Lakes Classroom
Oct 3 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

The course is 5 hours long and is recognized by the State of Indiana. There are no firearms required. Each student will receive a handbook detailing the course and for note taking. Each participant will be finger printed and have a background check completed that they can submit to the State of Utah. In order to take this training the individual is required to have a valid (CCW) license from their state of residence.

William Bryan is the instructor. He is a licensed NRA and Utah firearms instructor. His background includes: law enforcement and military training.

For direct questions regarding the class you may contact the instructor directly at 260-316-6904. Registrations must be completed by Thunder Lakes Staff via phone or in person.

1. Call: (260) 665-8133
2. Pay/Register: A 50% deposit will reserve your spot. You can do this over the phone via credit card, or by stopping in to see us.

NOTE: All participants will need to have a current Indiana conceal carry license