Our Outdoor Archery Range Includes:

(5) Bow Sighting Lanes
These lanes range from 10-50 yards in order to allow you to prepare to shoot the 3D course or just to hone your skills before your next time in the field or competition. They are also great for everyday practice in an outdoor environment!

(3) Elevated Platforms
These elevated platforms are not only part of our 3D course but also help simulate shooting from a stand. The platforms range from slightly elevated at just 2′ up to 6′ and up to 12′.

Simulated Hunting Blind Stations 
These stations are equipped with bench seating and are design to simulate hunting from a ground blind. This is great fun as part of the 3D archery course but also for preparing for hunting season!

Range Pricing

Pay for each visit or BECOME A MEMBER and shoot as much as you want! Memberships also include special savings in our store!

Range Safety Certification & Waiver
$10 fee per waiver. This is an initial registration & annual renewal fee. (Fee waived for Annual Members.)

3D Archery/Outdoor Archery Stations
1 Hour of Range Time
$15 each per hour per archer
FREE for Members
*All participants at the outdoor range are at their own risk

Indoor Archery Shooting Stations (When Available)
1 Hour of Range Time
$15 each : Single Shooter
$10 each : 2 Shooters sharing a station
FREE for Members

Bow Rentals
Coming Soon!

Range Safety Rules

At Thunder Lakes, we care about safety. Here’s an important list of rules for you to be familiar with RANGE SAFETY RULES

Minimum Age

Children ages 13-17 are allowed to use the range, but need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Archery Leagues

Leagues start seasonally in the Fall, Winter and Spring – with each league lasting for 10 weeks.

Outdoor Archery Range Hours

Monday – Friday (Seasonal)
11 am – 7 pm

Saturday (Seasonal)
9 am – 7 pm

Indoor Archery Range Hours

Thunder Lakes Indoor Archery Range

Thursdays (Seasonal)
5 pm – 7 pm

How to Prepare

Bring required credentials and dress appropriately. You’ll need to do the following:

  • Bring a government issued ID.
  • Complete the Range Safety Certification & Waiver. This is required by anyone who wishes to enter the range. It involves watching a short video, and signing a waiver. You can complete this certification at a digital registration kiosk at the range, or online ahead of time here – SIGN OUR WAIVER.  We will store all digital waiver forms on site and when you arrive you will simply need to pay the $10 range registration fee. This fee will be required annually in order to use the range. This fee is waived for members.
  • Wear closed toed shoes (required).

Become a Member of Thunder Lakes

Get special access to our indoor shooting range, special savings in our store and a FREE Charter Member Gift!