We offer a variety of classes for beginners and experienced shooters. Taught by certified and industry-respected instructors, our classes cover firearm safety, handling, accuracy, maintenance and more. All range fees are included in course pricing. Range Safety & Certification waiver fee ($10) & rental fees will apply if needed.

How To Prepare

If the course you’re taking involves range time, we invite you to watch our 9 minute safety video and review our Range Safety Certification & Waiver prior to your visit. When you arrive at Thunder Lakes, you will simply need to pay the one-time annual registration fee ($10). (This fee is waived for Annual Members.)


One on One Lessons

Barney Blilie – Certified NRA Instructor & Certified USCCA Instructor

Teaching Philosophy: Knowledge and practice creates confidence. Everybody learns differently and at a different pace. I like to understand each person and where they are on this journey. Then we can customize the learning that works best for you. We go as fast or as slow as you want.

Firearms Background: I have been shooting for 40 years. Primarily recreationally. I am a certified NRA basic pistol instructor.

Favorite Gun: Can’t have just one. My Sig Sauer P226 9mm and my Winchester lever action 30-30 rifle are my favorites.

Packages: One-on-one private lessons for $50 per hour. Typically 30 minutes in the classroom learning about how to handle firearms safely and the mechanics of how firearms operate. Then 30 minutes of live fire in the range. It varies based on individual needs. The annual Thunder Lakes safety waiver is also required. ($10)

Availability: Flexible during the day or evenings weekdays and weekends.

Contact Info: [email protected] or cell 260-667-1421. Call or text.

Required for lessons: Firearm and 50 rounds of ammunition (rental firearms may be available). Hearing and eye protection are required as well as the safety waiver.

Overview of Classes We Offer

NSSF First Shots Handgun Course

For Beginners.  Ages 14+

Join the hundreds of others who have discovered the fun and excitement of the shooting sports! This award-winning introduction to shooting handguns course by the National Shooting Sports Foundation is designed for anyone who would like to learn safe handling and effective use of firearms. With a combination of classroom and range time, you will begin to learn the basics of handgun operation and ownership. This course is designed for beginners who are new to firearms and are looking for an informative overview of handgun safety and use.

Students will be provided with everything they need for this course. Including eye protection and ear muffs (yours to keep!), a rental .22 lr firearm (you may bring yours if you wish to learn with your own – must be a .22), ammo (.22 LR), targets and classroom materials!

See Class Schedule for Current Pricing

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course

For Beginners. Ages 14+
Introduces students to the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely. Students learn about pistol parts, operation, ammunition, gun safety, pistol shooting fundamentals, and pistol shooting activities. This course is great for beginners to moderate shooters alike. The class consist of a minimum 6 hours classroom and 2 hours live fire. Students are advised to bring a safe, operable handgun to class and will need 100 rounds of ammunition to use with it. Handguns are available to rent for a $10 fee if no pistol is owned. This class meets the Ohio requirements for application for concealed carry license.* A certificate will be issued after passing the course. (*Indiana does not require a certification to apply for a concealed carry permit.)
See Scheduled Class for Current Pricing

Ladies Specific Courses

For All Skill Levels. Ages 14+
At Thunder Lakes we strive to provide the best education environment possible for all students. Which is why we have developed courses that are for ladies only in order to provide an environment that is friendly and inviting to all women of all skill levels including especially those that are new to the firearms industry and the shooting sports. A variety of our classes will have ladies only offerings periodically so make sure to check our current class schedule for up to date courses!

Introduction to Firearms

For Beginners.  Ages 14+ – Minors must be accompanied by an adult

The USCAA INTRO TO FIREARMS class is designed for those new to firearms, those just looking for their first one or those who need a refresher of the basics. This class will teach specific knowledge relating to the types of firearms – proper selection – parts of the gun – ammunition – function – care of and storage. Above all else students will learn proper safety while handling firearms.

This course is classroom based and designed to prepare new students for entry into more in depth courses that include range time, while providing valuable overview to those just looking to shake off the dust! This course is certified by the United States Conceal Carry Association.

See Class Schedule for Current Pricing

USCCA Conceal Carry & Home Defense

For Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced Shooters.  Ages 18+

This class is a U.S. Conceal Carry Association Certified Course that will prepare students for conceal carry and self-defense. Topics covered throughout this course are designed to educate students on safe gun ownership, how to properly and legally protect themselves and how to prepare mentally should you find yourself in a self-defense situation in your home or in public.

This class will show you why conflict avoidance and being situationally aware is so important along with how to define and development a personal protection plan. You should also expect to leave the course with a greater knowledge of concealment, trigger control and the differences between reasonable force and deadly force as well as how to prepare for both types of situations and how to deal with the aftermath of both types of situation both legally and personally.

Lastly, this course will help students learn how to properly evaluate their home’s security and how to defend themselves and their loved ones within their home. In addition to the classroom work there will be range time included.

See Class Schedule for Current Pricing

U.S. Lawshield – Must Know Law for Gun Owners 101

For All Ages

Thunder Lakes Indoor Gun Range is a partner with U.S. LawShield who provides FREE Gun Law Seminars!

These seminars are taught by experienced criminal defense attorneys that cover topics such as:

Red Flag Laws, The Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Grounds laws, The Justified Use of Deadly Force, Where You Can Legally Carry, What to Expect When Law Enforcement Arrives, and much more! The event has a dedicated question and answer segment to ensure all attendees are able to get the information they want to know from a credible source they can trust.

SPECIAL BONUS: All attendees will receive the U.S. LawShield publication (When Can I Legally Shoot? The Law Of Deadly Force), a $19.95 value, completely free. This book explains the ins-and-outs of the law of deadly force in your state in easy-to-understand language, helping you understand when you are legally allowed to pull the trigger.

What topics will be explained at our event?

  1. The legalities of the Castle Doctrine;
  2. When the use of deadly force is legally justified;
  3. Where you can legally carry; and
  4. What to expect when law enforcement arrives.

See Class Schedule for Current Pricing

USCCA – Navigating the Law in a Self Defense Incident

Open to All Ages

Thunder Lakes Indoor Gun Range is a partner of the USCCA which provides FREE legal seminars that will begin to educate you on what to do in a self defense situation from a legal standpoint! This is great way to increase your knowledge on what and what not do when involved in a self defense situation along with an opportunity to learn more about the USCCA.

After a self-defense incident, lawyers could take MONTHS to scrutinize the decisions you had to make In seconds! Learn life-saving information to navigate the legal TRAPS that are waiting for gun owners like us.

Every attendee will receive an exclusive copy of “”Should I Shoot?”” a USCCA best seller.
$30 Value – Yours Free.

You will rnjoy a comprehensive discussion about how to survive the legal system as a responsible gun owner, discover how to best protect your 2nd Amendment rights, reveal the greatest THREATS you’ll face before, during and after a self-defense incident plus LIVE Q&A. Get real answers from attorneys and self-defense experts.

See Class Schedule for Current Pricing

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